Simple tips to organize a self storage unit for easy access

Self-storage can easily be accessed, and the units can also be organized brilliant storage. Suppose that as the weather starts to cool, you discover your winter clothes in storage. It’s time to visit the storage facility and find all the boxes that contain your coats, jackets, sweaters etc.

It’s been almost 30 minutes and you still can’t find the boxes. This sounds very frustrating. We know it sounds bad and frustrating, but this is the truth. You may also discover that after you have found and taken the boxes home, all of the decorating materials and baking items are still inside the unit.

What will you decide? It is your last choice to empty every box from the unit and search for those you need. It is possible to avoid mess later on if you plan ahead and organize the unit.

You can organize your storage space in a number of ways. This will make it easier to locate everything. Check it out!

1. Choose the right size for your boxes. Randomly sized boxes could cause serious problems. It will create a mess with the stacking of boxes and access. Small or medium size boxes are the best choice. To keep heavy items secure, choose larger boxes. Don’t keep any items over large boxes.

2. You need to know what you will use most often and put them in a convenient location. You should carefully choose the items. First, you must think about seasonal items. Here are some things you might need in a storage unit.

Clothing for the season (winter, summer or both)

2.Trip utilities like tents, cooking utensils, sleeping bags etc.

Decoration items


Travel items


7. Different tools and equipment

8.Office files, docs etc.

3. Labeling of boxes: Once you put stuff into the box, it is time to label the container. It is possible to give the box a title so that it will be clear what you are putting inside. You can add specifics to the box in order to determine the type or quantity of the material.

4. Create a master list that includes all the boxes, and the contents. You can write it on paper and include the quantity of each box and the item. The master list can be used to quickly find items. You can make a checklist on your phone or computer. You can print.

5. Make a plan to organize the area: You need to make a plan to arrange the items if you are visiting the place regularly. The layout is very helpful for packing and unpacking the stuff. You could, for instance, place the furniture opposite to the stack of boxes. It will create a pathway in the middle, so you can easily walk and access the other boxes. Put moveable boxes in the center so they are easy to access.

6. Consider a larger storage unit. Without enough walking room, all shelves and corners will be filled with goods. This means you won’t have access to everything stored there. Use pallets to prevent equipment and furniture from coming into direct contact. If you want to make sure that all items fit, then go with larger units.

7. You should map each item. No need to draw a map with technical details. You can use a hand-drawn version. Four parts can be made of the entire unit. Include all of the boxes and items in each of these four portions. The master list will help you find any boxes that are buried within the map.

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