Dirty Carpets and Health and Home

The right carpeting will improve your indoor air. The reason is that carpets are more than soft, pretty flooring. Because your carpet cleaning solution filters contaminants such as allergens from your home.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. Michael B. Berry was a former director at the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office. He holds a doctorate. Berry, who wrote “Protecting the Built Environment Carpet Cleaning and Health”, states that the carpet is the largest indoor problem. It can be corrected by taking care of the carpet and maintaining it. “The carpet,” he explained, was like a dirty sink. It collects contaminants from the inside as well as outside. The carpet stores dirt, dust, and any other pollutants as it gets filled (as the sink pollutes). You should empty your sink once it gets full. Cleaning your carpet properly is essential.

Yes, it’s true. Well, it’s true. Inside air can become trapped. Air is not replaced entirely. Outdoor air, on the other hand, is expelled and replaced by fresh air. You can get pollutants trapped on your carpet, and they will enter the indoor air. They are deposited on the carpet as you step over them. These particles are then dispersed by walking over them and inhaling the air. Dust particles are visible in a sunlight stream. Inhaling the air multiple times is the main cause of indoor pollution.

Berry claims that if your carpets aren’t regularly cleaned, they will breed micro-pollutants. Cleaning your sinks is a good idea, as are cleaning the carpets. We clean carpets because they appear to be dirty. The carpet may be filthy by the time it becomes visible. A good vacuum is essential. Even vacuums that cost thousands of dollars only capture 15% soil. Rest of soil, which includes bacteria, contaminants and allergens. Berry says most people don’t regularly clean their carpets, which can make their indoor air more polluted.

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